Your Fun Engagement Party!


Your dream has come true! Your boyfriend has finally proposed to you! You thought you were going to have dinner in his house and he was going to cook for you, but you didn’t quite expect the romantic settings and the candle lit dinner, when he finally popped the question to you. You obviously said an emphatic “yes” and you are so happy that you are now engaged! Now, you want to organise a fun party to celebrate with your family and friends. Hmmm… What kind of a party are you going to have? One with lots of fun, of course!
Decisions, decisions!
You and your fiancé now need to make some decisions, such as whom are you going to invite, what is your budget, are you going to have a theme and where will you have your party? Once you talk it through and work it out, you can go about taking care of the practical aspects of it. For example, you want to have a party with a funny theme and you want everyone to dress up as comedians such as Mr. Bean. You can also do a photo booth hire that will go with this theme as you can have some funny and memorable photos with clowns and silly backgrounds. Who wants to be serious when you can be funny! Feel free to go to this site for your next event’s photo booth needs
Venue and food
You will want to have a venue where there will be some space to move around in your funny costumes. If the weather is good, you can have a garden party for example. What kind of food do you want to serve? If you want to serve finger food for example, you may like to ask friends and family to bring a dish or if you prefer something more fancy, you can get a caterer to come up with food that is easy to eat as you mingle. Make sure the theme and the venue and the food go well together to have that perfect engagement party you want.
Get friends and family to chip in
You don’t want to get stressed by having too much to do for your happy occasion. Get family and friends who are willing to help you, if you need to. Start delegating the decorations to someone and ask someone else to help set up the table and the chairs in the garden, ask another friend to be in charge of the photo booth hire. With a bit of planning, things will all work out smoothly.
The time of your life!
It is time to party! All your work has paid off and now you are going to begin a great adventure of your life! As the guests arrive, let the music start and let your hair down! It is time to celebrate!