What You Need To Do After Becoming A Parent

Parents who are expecting spend months planning for the arrival of their little buddle of joy. And by the time the little baby is born, the couple would have read many books, taken classes and bought many tiny baby clothes to fill a complete cupboard. However, even with all the planning and organizing, the actuality of caring and looking after a tiny human can be terrifying. Coming home with a tiny baby can overwhelming and make you feel completely lost on what you need to do next. You are now responsible for another tiny person.

It is always best to stay organized to help you keep your sanity while you figure out how to be responsible as a parent and help your baby develop and grow. Knowing what you need to do ahead will also help you focus on taking care of your baby. Here are few things to do after your baby is born.

• Find a place for things – when you are in the hospital, and after your delivery there are all sorts of little keepsakes such as hospital bracelets, name card from the baby’s crib, baby hats, etc. These are the things you need to keep and treasure. You can store it in a shadow box or a shoebox or even store it in your baby book.

Baby photography – if your hospital does not take newborn pictures, then it best to schedule a photographer who you prefer to take those pictures soon after your baby is born. The first week is the best time to take your newborn pictures.

Also, if you like you can schedule with your photographer a good photography session. You can purchase some monthly body suits stickers to help you document how much the baby has grown and have it pasted on your baby book.

• Report to your insurance and send in paperwork – it is very important to report the birth of your baby to your insurance because this will allow you to cover your baby under your insurance. This should be done so after your baby is born. All hospitals usually give the important paperwork that needs to be filled and mailed like the official birth certificate, etc.

• Schedule doctor’s appointments – it is important to schedule your baby’s first doctor appointment as soon as leave the hospital. Usually at this appointment the doctor would check your baby’s weight and answer any questions if you have. Also it is very important to schedule a postpartum appointment for six week after your little one is born with your OB/GYN. This appointment is important because your body goes through serious stuff and giving birth is traumatic.