Making Your Special Day Even More Exclusive

A wedding is something little girl dreams of ever since her first previews of “Bride Wars” and “Mamma Mia” – collecting her props throughout the way till her very own special day. Something blue, something borrowed, and every other little thing that made to be her fairytale wedding stashed in a little box of dreams. There will come the time she finds her star-crossed lover, and nothing could ever be more perfect. However there are the common issues that most people come into contact with when planning a wedding. When one thinks of weddings or engagements, it’s usually all smiles and happy thoughts. But behind the curtains of this scene are two parties flustered by months of wedding planning ahead of them. After all, the bride-to-be and her groom both have a say in perfecting this momentous occasion they would savor for the rest of their lives. There are so many things to take into consideration; the theme of the wedding, who to invite, bridesmaids and choosing the maid of honor, selecting your groomsmen, to hiring a professional top wedding videographer Brisbane or to have a simple boho photo booth, and most importantly –the wedding gown. Does she wear the family’s traditional dress- passed along the ages, or does she simply recreate her own beautiful dress? Then there’s the common budget issue. Of course, as a little girl one would have really big aspirations with absolutely no idea how much it would cost, since things like rent, loans and a load of other financial issues dawn on you when you reach adulthood. Having a wedding on a tight budget is completely possible; you can save your money and still have your fairytale wedding. One way you can cut cost on your wedding is inviting people who need to be there. Sometimes parents get overwhelmed and they just happen to invite their neighbor’s cousin’s girlfriend to your wedding.

Avoid unnecessary guests as each and every seat at a table counts. Make your own wedding invitations and party favors. Your save-the-date cards don’t necessarily have to be in the hands of a professional. One could simply download and edit the cards to their own liking. Wedding video are a running trend that can put a spin on the party favors since the guests could take home their own goofy moments in a DVD at the wedding instead of spending money on a gift that they might or might not use. Another useful tip is to D.I.Y. everything you can. It is necessary that you have enough saved up to host the bachelor and bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, and let’s not forget- the honeymoon. Keep your costs to a minimum.One of the moments people wait for in all their lives is a full blown-back wedding. Whether you’re an invited guest, family, a bridesmaid, a groomsman or even the newlywed couple, everything is expected to be perfect. After all, this would be the one occasion you look back on to tell your children- or maybe even your grandchildren; the dream wedding where everyone gathered to celebrate the unification of you and you’re truly, dearly beloved.